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  “We were deeply satisfied with the performance of the trainer and the contents prepared according to the needs of participants profiles within the training programs provided by D.O.C. Family.By the way, we still continue to receive positive feedbacks for trainings occured long time ago.I would like to mention that all programs were quite efficient in terms of productivity, thanks to D.O.C. for their dedicated work and contributions during for years...”
  Pınar Yürek Tüzman, Training Team Leader - VESTEL
  “Close, real-life examples, a professional approach with the amateur spirit...”
Barış Yorulmaz, Human Resources - VAILLANT GROUP
  “We benefit from D.O.C. Türkiye’s innovative and creative ideas in content design process of custom training programs addressing Türk Telekom Group employees.Programs prepared with the valuable contributions of D.O.C. Türkiye as we consider one of our strategic partners help significantly the skills development of our group employees.”
  Ebru Ete, Personal & Executive Development School Leader - TÜRK TELEKOM
  D.O.C. is a training company who realize what employee skills you would enhance before you mention and deliver effectively and help you to put into practice what is needed.
  Gürkan Akkuş, Training & Franchise Manager - REALTY WORLD TÜRKİYE