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  DOC is one of the Turkey's leading training and consultancy firm established in 2008 by Dr.Burçin Doğru,Ph.D. In close to 22 years of professional experience, Dr.Doğru gathered his management proficiency with his educational expertise and has given us a leading edge in assisting our clients, in maximizing their people asset and leadership capital and to take their businesses into the future.
  In 2011, D.O.C. and DUO Management and Communications Consultancy,founded by Dilek Artar, have joined forces to offer dynamic and innovative solutions to the market.Following the merger, our institution continues its activities under the name of D.O.C Training and Consultancy.
  Every business today has learnt that the quality of their people is crucial to their ability not only to adapt to the changing competitive environment but also to effect that change. As the competition for high-performing executive and professional talent increases every day, so does the challenge of training and developing those high performers that will consistently add value to the company’s team and create real impact on the business.
  Thus, we manage every new client project and assignment with a tailor-made, strategic approach, which is designed to turn short-term needs into long-term solutions and increase the return on company’s investment in new or existing talent.
  We establish your own academy for you !
  D.O.C. offers our clientele a very comprehensive package including assessment services, certificate programs, executive coaching and management consultancy services .Besides the standard programs that have been prepared through our existing modules, we adopted an approach aimed for being your lifelong solution partner with our customized contents created upon your specific needs.
  In this respect, we design special training programs by taking into account the competencies that you determined for your employees.